Alex Soares Duarte

PhD Phisicist and Data Scientist

Barcelona (Spain) · (+34) 658-870927 ·

I am an experienced physicist and data scientist. Developing cutting-edge research in experimental optics, I worked in 4 different countries over the last 6 years. Born and graduated in Brazil, my doctorate was an exchange program collaboration with the Heidelberg University (DE). My first 2 years postdoc was at Oxford University (UK) working with ultrafast spectroscopy/microscopy. Currently, I am based in Spain (Barcelona) working at ICFO institute of photonics sciences deploying machine learning to scientific purposes, specifically to improve super-resolution microscopy techniques.

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Posdoctoral Researcher

Currently working in a molecular nanophotonics research group deploying machine learning methods to improve super-resolution microscopy.

2016 - Present

Castelldefels (Barcelona) - Spain

Posdoctoral Research Associate

Developing research in ultrast spectroscopy/microscopy within a multidisciplinary group. Also I built a Fourier trasformed Raman microscope.

2014 - 2016

Oxford - United Kingdon


Heidelberg University

PhD Physics (Exchange Program)

Half of my PhD were performed during an exchange program where I worked 2 years in a research group at physical-chemistry department of Heidelberg University. There I developed a multiplex-CARS microscope used to investigate carbon nanotubes and biological tissues.

2011 - 2013

Heidelberg - Germany

UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul)

B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD in Physics

My hometown university where I had my introduction to experimental research in optics. There I performed conformation and fabrication of metallic nanotips for near-field optical microscopy.

2003 - 2014

Porto Alegre - Brazil


Programming Languages & Tools
Machine Learning



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Deep-learing super resolution image reconstruction (DSIR)

Deep-Learning convolutional auto-encoders applied to super-resolution microscopy data to localization image reconstruction.


ICFO - Spain

London Properties Prediction Prices

Prediction of the sale price of properties in London using XGboost regression.


Barcelona - Spain

Fourier Transform time-resolved Raman Microscopy


Oxford - UK

Sub-10 fs Time-Resolved Vibronic Optical Microscopy


Oxford - UK

Transient Absorption


Oxford - UK

Multiplex Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Microscopy


Heidelberg - DE


Focused in place machine learning as a groundbreaking scientific tool.